Soil ModificationHigh pressure grouting is a method that is used to compact and stabilize compromised soils. This technique has been developed since the 1950's as a solution to control settlement. In recent years with the advancement of modern equipment, this technology has evolved to treat a variety of subsurface conditions for new and remedial construction.

High pressure grout is injected into subsurface soils to compact, stabilize and in some cases, lift. This method can also be used to inject chemicals into soils, in order to seal, glue, permeate or stabilize.

The specialized equipment utilized and manufactured by The Ultimo Organization Inc. has been designed, tested and engineered to be operated in open as well as limited access areas such as home, back yards, garages, patios, basements, etc. With safety and production in mind, this line of equipment allows us to finish every project promptly and cost effectively.
Soil Stabilization & Modification Soil modication - Tunnel Emergency Soil Stabilization
Soils stabilization for tunneling.
Phoenix, AZ
Interior section of stabilized tunnel.
Phoenix, AZ
Emergency soil stabilization,
to protect buildings, behind sheet
piling for storm channel.
Laguna Niguel, CA.
Water Front Soil Stabilization Water Front Soil Stabilization  Water Front Soil Stabilization
 Water front soil stabilization.
Newport Beach, CA
Liquefaction Mitigation
Sunset Beach, CA
Liquefaction Mitigation
Sunset Beach, CA